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is an online film education platform for everyone, anywhere. Centred on the African perspective, we take an innovative and practical approach to learning that connects instructors and students beyond national borders. Young filmmakers in countries across Africa can use the platform to receive professional film training and accreditation from wherever they are, thus building their capacities and connecting to a wide network of peers and professionals. Feel welcome to join us!


DIGITAL FILM SCHOOL AFRICA breaks new grounds and offers limitless possibilities, removing structural barriers and monopolies, including the burden of costs that impede film education, training and media freedom in Africa.

DIGITAL FILM SCHOOL AFRICA combines the African perspective of visual storytelling with a highly innovative and practical approach to filmmaking. We offer a unique learning environment that connects instructors, mentors and students across the African continent and beyond.

Designed from the learners’ perspective, DIGITAL FILM SCHOOL AFRICA guarantees peer-to peer engagement and active learning environment that allow students to find their unique voices and experiment with multiple forms of self-expression and visual storytelling.

DIGITAL FILM SCHOOL AFRICA follows a “blended learning concept” that combines instructor led sessions with peer-to-peer learning and self-study. Our blended learning approach also offers students the opportunity to be involved in film productions to enhance their skills and experiences in filmmaking.


Our first three courses bring together relevant aspects of several fields of filmmaking in an interactive and hands-on approach, where students with no prior background in any of these fields are guided through.

Creative Producing

You will be introduced to creative, organisational and business activities that a producer requires to be knowledgeable in the practical production and management of film making:

Pitching and developing scripts or treatments

Marking, breakdown-ing and scheduling scripts

Hiring cast and crew

Managing logistics and crew

Preparing and structuring a film budget

Putting together a simple funding proposal


You will be motivated to express yourself according to your individual artistic identity. You will be familiarised with the basic tools of screenwriting and be guided through the process of writing your own short screenplay.

You will get to understand

How to get in touch with your own voice as a writer,

How to find the stories that matter to you,

How to develop cinematic characters,

How to create a character’s journey and change,

How to build tension and the structure of a filmic story

How to professionally pitch and present a story to producers

and how to write scenes and dialogue leading to a fully developed short screenplay of your own.

Documentary Film

You will be given a basic understanding of the production of documentary films. You will learn to write a documentary film concept and undertake production activities for your own short documentary

A brief overview of the history of documentary film in Ghana and Africa

The different documentary genres

Approaches to treatment

The role of trust and interviews in documentary filmmaking


A very warm welcome to our application portal. Application and enrollment are announced on rolling basis. You can also send us a mail via info@ghanaymca.com or nacheampong@aucc.edu.gh and you will be immediately attended to.


Certificates will be awarded to trainees upon successful completion of the course.


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