Creative Producing

In this tutored course, aspiring filmmakers will learn the basics of creative film producing. It will take you about 160 hours (8 modules of 5 units of appr. 4 hours each) to complete this course and you will earn a PDF certificate upon reaching a minimum average score of 51 out of 100.

Programme Learning Outcomes

This course expands the idea of producing by including aspects of production management and film business, making it suitable for environments where industry structures are minimal or non-existent.

Producing is a complex undertaking that demands skills set from multiple fields. It involves creative, organisational and business activities that require the producer to be knowledgeable in the practical production and management of film making. This course brings together relevant aspects of these fields in an interactive and hands-on approach, where students with no prior background in any of these fields are guided through producing from concept to screen.

The objective is to prepare participants to be able to undertake producing activities so that by the end of this beginners level, they would be able to:

  • Pitch and develop scripts or treatments
  • Mark, breakdown and schedule scripts
  • Hire cast and crew
  • Manage logistics and crew
  • Prepare and structure a film budget
  • Put together a simple funding proposal

Beginners Level

An introduction to film producing5 
The concept phase5 
Script marking and breakdown5 
The Essentials of Pre-Production5 
Financing your movie5 
Producing in Practice5 

Course Developers

Laurene Manaa Abdallah (AUCC), Lawrence Asare Asafo-Agyei (AUCC), Alex Asare (Ghana YMCA) with support from Jürgen Seidler (Script House) and Rogier Hardeman (WELTFILME e.V.)

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